Crush of Empires / Press

"CRUSH OF EMPIRES’s unique, dark-driven sound takes the listener on an emotional journey from start to finish, with a raw live set that has graced sold out stages all over NYC."

Gotham Rocks

"Strong and capable lead vocals suit the material well and the musical performances and solid, tight and fitting. Crush of Empires have a slight retro grunge feel, but also feature newer elements- cool vibe overall and the grooves and riffs work together well to produce a cohesive whole"


"Crush of Empires, are as epic as their name suggests. They make great use of effects and textures in their music, which makes for a very dynamic set. The lead guitar work is very interesting by both guitarists, both playing with a lot of feel and melody. Overall, the band is enjoyable and brings progressive elements to the show "

Gotham Rocks

"Crush of Empires moved the night forward with a clean and progressive sound. Their sound was tight and the band played well together. Overall, they left you feeling glad you had the experience to listen to their emotionally driven tracks” -RockUs NEWS CD Release show at Gramercy Theatre

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