"Cocaine" by Crucifix hits the T.O. Show on VH1.


"Can this guy sing or what?! Crucifix! This guy might be a new breakout artist! Splinter is incredible, the lyrics are brilliant and the video is amazing!"

"The music he puts out is positive, inspiring, and relatable to people from all walks of life. It is hip hop with a mission, and in the true form of what he hopes to accomplish, his music has the ability to bridge genre lines. It is danceable enough for a night club on Saturday night, introspective enough for a scholar’s research paper, and honest enough that it brings goose bumps to the skin."

“Crucifix takes us on a haunting musical journey whose final destination is our own dark past. With faith and passion as his guide, he treks into the unmarked sepulcher known as Chernobyl – the infamous site of one of our worst nuclear disasters to date. Armed with little more than a lifelong commitment to grasping elusive concepts by way of music, Crucifix tries to find the humanity hidden in what is otherwise a wasteland of our own design.”

"Crucifix is Mesmerizing!"

"Acid Reign pushes Crucifix to the peak of his vocal performance, by stretching him from his Hip-Hop roots and diving into a soulful mix of Hard Rock, Pop, Acoustic and DubStep. Overall making Acid Reign his best and most diverse album to date."

“Crucifix and Bubba Sparxxx hit MTV with the release of their new song "SPLINTER".”


“Crucifix makes the Top 40 Charts with the release of his new documentary "Road To Chernobyl."”

“Crucifix... Gearing up to release his third album Acid Reign, which critics are already hailing as his best work yet."”

“Bubba Sparxxx "Splinter" (Feat. Crucifix)”

"After listening to the record through and through again, all I can say is... "Masterpiece with a message."

“Crucifix lands front page on HipHop DX with the release of his new song "Fall-N-Apart" (Feat. Sean P of Youngbloodz)”

“Rapper, writer, and artist, Crucifix, is the “Grim Reaper” who comes to Bubba Sparxxx's aide during his resurrection.”

“Bubba Sparxxx Ft. Crucifix - "Splinter"”