Crucial Brown Clicca / Press

“Kansas stand up good shit cuz !”


“You guys have alot of great tracks”

Whiz Kid

“You cold G!”

Tleah Tha Truth

"serial killa swag" deff got that EVIL vibe about it. loving the dirty leads and ambient style drum line. good ish brothers!

JNP Music

“Rockin greetings from OZ for C.B.C cheers awesome your mates rock”


“Weekend mode turned on with your playlist. Loving all the stuff here. May you dreams be a reality.”

Dr3am Ville

“Awesome tunes. Much love from Ukraine.”


“Best of luck with your projects!! Keep up the good work! Cheers from Montreal”


“Thank you Crucial Brown! Enjoying your music!”


“superb, genuine, outstanding ! much talent here!”

Dani Mkd

“Great music. You are all so very talented!”

Sheila Ann

“Tell it like it is! Enjoy your musical journey.”


“Tracks with a great feel for beats, bpm and sounds, original. Uno Ocho $iete's "Bitch Like U" is great! Great stuff! Cheers”

Mr Tourette

“Respect for those nasty beats!”

Volki Manati

“Excellent delivery of gansta rap rhythems...very well done!”

Dry Martinez

“great music”


“Nice Tracks. Keep it coming. #Much Respect”

Yung Q

“Dark vibes & sound. Keep on doing y'all out there.”

Quan Chi

“good sounds Originality”

Region Industrial Music

“Cool mix and flow on "Bitch Like U!"”

Jaron Davis

"full loaded clips" & "watchya bacc" feelin' your joints bros fire!! keep up the great work

Aka Raunitus


Ant AJ

“Y'all got a great sound here! Terrific flow! Keep the great sound coming! Best wishes!”

Slam Horse

“Great effort.”


“Great tracks keep it comin”

Jackie Rippa

“great tunes and vibe loving the arrangements keep up the great work always! respect”

David Flow

“Dope music, keep em comin”


“Greetings from IRAN”

Breed Infection

“Enjoying your musical journey.”

The Twelve Crucifixes

“Dope spitt.. propers”

Lil Maddman

“dope soundz up here!”

Don Jaymor™

“Diggin the tracks, really lking that "Strange Dayz"...keep at it bros!”

Audio-Knoxx Productions

“Peace, love & respect from Canada, Crucial. Sick skills, Dramatic stuff.”

Noise Level

“Great lyrical skills. Sick tracks!”

Young Benjamin

“Fantastic talent here... y'all got chops. Well done.”

Zeus Rooster

“Stay on your grind with the music Do Not STOP”

Wes Kraven

“Dope shit! keep it up”


“Oi, Crucial Brown Clicca! Parabéns, ótima música! Sucesso!”


“Great produced tracks. Very nice indeed.”

Mary Confurius

“'Never Fell Off'!! solid! g”

Thadeus Project

“support from France!”


“Much love for the support keep doing what you do and success shall be guaranteed!”

Big Flipps

“Feelin' the BAD ASS VIBES !! NICE WORK FELLA'S !!! LOVE the how your sound is so str8 up!!”

Will Alexander

“Dear Crucial, Impressive! Very Cool vibes. Absolutely brilliant! Peace & Love”

Ryo Utasato

“Rock that Rap out of Garden City, KS.. Love your Hip Hop Jams”

Kellie Luvella



“Cool tracks mate and clever lyrics! Digging your style! Cheers.”


“Enemy To The World is bad ass! Great lyrics and strong production-just great music”

The Bitter Selway

“Thanks for all that fantastic sounds...Cool Music..Great work...Congrats”

No Zu Sounds Electronic Music

“great flow! greetings and respect from Heidelberg, Germany”


“Great catchy sounds! All the best!”

Caroline Ty

“Great work nice tunes. got good vibes coming from here. keep up the good work and keep moving forward..”


“Peace, love & respect from Canada. Wicked flow. Big ups Crucial.”


“No doubt, you are ruling tha' hood in Garden City!!!”

Sebby Boy

“Real Music G, i fuck wit dis shit”


“Luv the sic freshness!!! keep Goin hard on that paint!”

Lizzy Blonde

“You guys are on a conscious flow I'm liking it”

Futuristic Nostalgia

“Thanks for the inspiration!”


“dopeness my brothers..im a fan!”

Ben Wade

“'Insomnia' nice track beat is dope flows is hot ..keep grindin”

John Bink$

“Absolutely Brilliant ~ Best Regards”


“raw and fresh, like seeing your life in the rearview mirror with the windows down, great sound”


"it's like the illuminati are playing monopoly with my fucking philosophy.." wicked lyrical skills at work on "enemy to the world"..diggin your tight, banging playlist guys!

Mike White

“Congratulations on being #1 on the charts”


“Listening to Strange Dayz, ILL Recognize ILL.. real COOL tracks!!! all the best”

The Fores

“Strange Dayz! Nothing but Respect!”

Jeffrey Whitman

“Very Well Done ~ Absolutely Brilliant”

Lords Of Spirits

“diggin ur flows...stay on that grind”

Danny Greene

“Cool tracks. Ricky Williams and ILL Reconize ILL are quite catchy”

Liquid Universe

“Nice sound! Love the up front vocals, good use of words, and well produced. Excellent!”


“Blazing!!!!Killer flow n trax!”


“Insomnia is hot!!!! definitely feeling it, much love”

Amanda Pollard

“Great flow”


“Everybody at the Hot1Rap Offices is bumpin your track "Fully Loaded Clips". You guys got a lot of talent man.”

Hot1Rap Radio

“Ya'll shit go hard player ”

1 Point 2

“This is some straight gutter shit”

Local Emcee

“The midwest we the heart of this rap shit”

Dmono Luciano