Crown Point / Press

"Crown Point has the perfect soundtrack to accompany the aura that is the Pacific Northwest. Somber yet optimistic, the tone of Crown Point’s music feels familiar and determined...Their delivery and the sincerity of their message is far from anything the fake world of pop music claims today. Crown Point gives us a reason to believe in the world of pop music.

"In their short time together, the hardworking band has already done a national tour of 40 states, played with pop singers like Tyrone Wells and Andrew Belle, and bands like Puddle Of Mudd."

"Polished, well produced alt/pop...with both a commercial and memorable edge."

"Crown Point focuses on hooks as much as they do lyrics, creating a polished, friendly sound that doesn't grow old after repeated listens.:

"Harmonies, meaningful lyrics, and pop sensibility."

“Pop music for the man's man. We wouldn't be surprised to hear these guys creeping on to Top 40 radio sometime soon.”

“Crown Point channels the feel-good vibe of 90s alt/rock with all the hooks of Neon Trees.”

Kim Khan - Bannock Alternative

“I asked for this show. A few months ago I received the six song EP ‘Wolves’ and was totally impressed. So much so that it is one of the only pop albums on my IPOD. As soon as I heard that they were touring I put the request in to see these guys. There are some standout acts coming out of the emerging music scene in Portland, Oregon and Crown Point is one of them. As the opening act of a three act show Crown Point got the short end of the stick. They got the shortest sound check, the set was way too short and there were no keyboards or drums. Because of this the layers of sound on the EP just weren't there. Being veterans of the stage, Crown Point overcame and rolled right over anything that may have been objectionable about the set.”

“Appearing alongside Andrew Belle and Tyrone Wells on their upcoming tour will also be Crown Point. “Back To You” off the band’s, ‘Wolves’, EP best demonstrates their stronghold on the Alt/Pop genre, capable of competing with well established names.”

"I got a call from my friend Jeff Johnson to play on a track and right I away I knew I wanted to do it because anything he is involved with is usually great. I had a blast recording the drums for Wolves, has a great groove to it and the band and Jeff were open to ideas which always make the creative process even more enjoyable."

“Sweet alt/rock with a swirl of pop on top”