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“Top Heavy Metal Bands In Philadelphia: Crown of Earth is a progressive, hard-rocking and classic-sounding metal band from Jenkintown, PA that is influenced greatly by bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica. The band released its debut album last year and, as avid supports of the Philadelphia Veterans House, the single, “Born Again Warrior,” is a tribute to veterans and a portion of the song’s proceeds are donated to help veterans in need.”

“The self-titled conceptual lp , Crown of Earth, released on October , 31, 2014 on Cochise Entertainment & CD Baby, has crisp heavy sound, lyrical genius, and maddening instrumental composition, revealed in tracks like, True Life and Power Minds, as well as the lead track , Born Again Warrior. Not only is this a band demanding attention, they have worked and proven a force in mainstream metal and underground alike, they deserve the success they are achieving web and world wide.”

"Philly metal band rocks for wounded warriors"

"Philly metal band rocks for wounded warriors" "Heavy Metal Rockers support Veterans in need for deeply personal reasons."


“Crown of Earth: The Album, Featuring Born Again Warrior has been released on Oct. 31, 2014 on Sinneress Music BMi/ Cochise Entertainment to CD Baby. This long awaited debut album features Crown of Earth's finest music influenced by some of the greatest artists in rock and metal history. Crown of Earth's sound is exciting and energetic with consistently powerful melodic songs packed full of memorable guitar and vocal “hooks” guaranteed to stick with you forever.”

"After working so hard Crown of Earth did it, they put out their first song "Born Again Warrior" on Itunes, This is a huge accomplishment for this band. Congratulations from all of us Digital Revolution Radio!!!

Sondra Lupulio Sego "Lady Sondra" - Digital Revolution Radio

“Thank you guys so much for all you do to support SBMC Welcome Home & The Philadelphia Veterans House! You guys rocked the house yesterday at the first annual United We Stand Party! So proud to call you all my friends! Much love & respect to all of you.”

"Crown of Earth is the best band I have heard in the last 10 years!"

Matt O'Shaughnessy - WVOX Metal Mayhem Radio NY

“It is no wonder to me that T-Life immediately adopted this band as his own." " This band "Crown Of Earth," Is a seasoned and very popular Rock-Metal-Band that is about to explode in popularity globally. The lead guitarist is remarkable and outstanding. His name is: Chris Graziola. The bass-guitarist name is: Mark "MarkyZ" Sgambado. The drummer for this band name is: Steve Sydek. The rhythm guitarist and leader of the band name is: Mike Ellis. And the lead singer; (who reminds me of the classic-Rock-vocalist of the 70s, 80s, and the 90s, up to today's Rock-Metal-star-vocalist like a: David Lee Roth, or the lead singer, Paul Stanley of the legendary band, "Kiss"), and his name is: "Danny Knight."”

"you guys sound just like the recording"...

COE Fan after a live performance....