“Traditional Grade-A American-made Harley-Davidson Pabst Blue Ribbon metal.. “Lemmy’s mole between the witches’ tits” just seals it..”

“Equal parts barroom brawl boogie and attitude riven metal, the SoCal quartet are a straight, no-chaser kind of band. Fuck the frills and the yearly trends, these guys just crank it and kill it.”

“If Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino ever have need of a bar band for their next Grindhouse installment, Crowned By Fire may be the perfect choice.”

“The album is a slow-footed, doom-soaked harbinger of heavy metal bent on banging your head, destroying your spine and breaking your windows. It has all the eloquence and tact of a claw hammer. And it couldn't be better. ”

“Based on the principle that the mores dictated by the fathers of heavy metal are still just as valid today, "Prone to Destroy" crushes through each cut with a kind of abandon that's almost a forgotten art.”

“Crowned By Fire essentially takes the heaviness of Sabbath, stirs in the plodding of Kyuss and the crushing ferocity of Pantera, and weights it in all down with anvil.”

“sounds like St Vitus on PCP, - The stuff cults are made of.”

“A great album for all metal occasions, "Prone to Destroy" is a headbanger's delight and a definite recommendation for all fans of Black Sabbath and other blues metal throughout the years.”

“coming across like a histrionic, maddened version of Euro power metal filtered through beefy redneck metal.”

“I love when I get an album that makes me stop and think…..”wait, how the fuck did I miss this?.” This is the main event of this list, everybody should check it out.”

“Solid power metal stuff here. Very solid record overall and comes recommended! ”

“Fans of Pantera, Black Label Society, and Black Sabbath rejoice. ”

“If anyone thinks Classic Metal is dead, they better take some time out to listen to these 4 Metal Maniacs from Los Angeles known as Crowned By Fire.”

“Not many bands can nail the true Heavy Metal style like these 4 dudes, blending everything from 70's Hard Rock to Doom Metal and everything in between”

"Prone To Destroy", took me from whiskey drinking to grave yard shuffling, all within the confines of my own home.

“This debut is quite simply a modern day war soundtrack.”

“‘Prone To Destroy’ is a killer album… AN ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!”

"this band kicks ass."

“A group of crazy as bobcats in levis and flannels, beer pounding til dawn rock n roll animals...”

Rocket - Metal Underground

“They will pierce your souls and ears with their home grown American Metal!”

Karma - FourteenG.net

“They'll smash your face as if it were a full bottle of Jack Daniels.”

Rocket - The Metal Den

"the California lads have taken out the nailer and obtained a firm grip around the future sound within hard rock single-handed."

“Instantly recognizable while sounding like nothing else...”

"I'd say the over-commercialized music industry is about to get what's coming to them with this rowdy bunch of Sunset Strip hellraisers."