Crown City Rockers / Press

“This five-piece ensemble stretched far beyond the prevalent conception of a hip-hop band, and they are teetering on the cusp of something huge.”


“Crown City Rockers channel a love of funk, soul and jazz under the umbrella of hip-hop, crafting an innovative, diverse work that would fit in well between your Blackalicious and Roots CDs.”

Urb B Sides

“... Crown City Rockers bring a surprisingly fresh, well-rounded sound that reiterates just how good live hip-hop can be when done right.”

Pitchfork Media

“Crown City infuses a highly musical sensibility into basic b-boyisms... the six piece outfit thrown down for the cause with an admirably honest effort that shows, more than anything else, their dedication to the art form...”

San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Mixing positive messages and live instrumentation, Oakland based Crown CIty Rockers brings its signature style to the masses.”