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“The song is about love. It’s about how in relationships you have to be sensitive to your partner, being mindful and attentive. In so many relationships, there’s a selfish approach to people interacting and people being concerned about what they can get out of it. So, the song is about a man having a concern and being sensitive to the needs of his woman. That is how love grows, out of mutual respect and concern for one another. Ultimately it’s not about a physical act; it’s the interaction between connecting the heart and the mind. We miss out on so many octaves of love when focusing just on the physical carnal aspect. People think that’s the real prize, but the real treasure is hidden in the soul.”

“CROWN releases new single "REBOUND LOVE" featuring IRIE LOVE. Available on ITUNES Feb. 7 2012”

Majestic News

“The Boys were pleased to know that Jet readers have been anxious to find them. They said that family is the key to success. Anything is possible when you pray together and stay together.” ”

““That was the general consensus,” said Tajh. “We followed our heart and followed our dreams and did that.” Hakim said, It’s so nice to be regular people and regular people are looking at us wanting to be famous.” ”

“The brothers continue to sing. They once called themselves Suns of Light, but now simply The Suns (vibeout.tv). Literally growing up in the industry, with Tajh as an infant being the baby Kunta Kinte in the classic movie Roots, the brothers admitted to being happy about their exit.”

“By 1992 with the release of their third album, The Saga Continues…, and after selling 5 million records, The Boys seemed to disappear from the industry. Where are they now? ”