Crow Flies / Press

“It was a set of good old fashioned Rolling Stones / Doors infused rhythm and blues (the way it was played before the MTV generation hijacked the term). Frontman Declan Bannon is indeed one charismatic dude, coming across as a cross between Jagger, Tyler and Morrison (an apt comparison given that a Doors tribute band were playing in the adjacent venue almost immediately afterwards), complete with a scarf trailing from his beltloops, struttin’ and jumpin’ a la 1970s Aerosmith and generally giving the impression of how INXS might sound if Eddie Vedder had got the vocalist gig.”

“Crow Flies.. bass driven rock.. brothers Declan Bannon and Ed Bannon with the help of friend and producer Colin Manson started recording their album undiluted set for release in early summer stay tuned here for news on the albums progress...”