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“--It sounds like Country Rock, but then I heard the chorus and I absolutely love it! It's a beautiful Christian rock song and I would buy on iTunes! I love the vocals, the beginning had me waiting to hear the rest!!!...I was hooked!" --"I liked how the song began with the elect guitar it got my attention...I would buy this track". --"This is a great uplifting song that all need to hear..." --"Good stuff indeed..." --"...chorus made me want to sing at the top of my lungs, anthem style...insane guitar solo really brought the ROCK of the song out. Great song to worship the Redeemer!" --"This track keeps me on the edge of my seat. It's a cool mix of styles, including hard rock, country and inspirational..." --"...has the potential to become a hit on mainstream radio..." --"It is quite a catchy song which could do well." --"...feel-good country track that everyone would love! I've been waiting to hear a musical track like this that pulls on my heartstrings: just found it!"”

Various - Reverb Nation Crowd Review of "Someone Had To Go"

“A Family Rock Band With A Mission! The energy and flow of this album truly resonates with a Christian at any level of spirituality and faith: if you want awesome rocking music, you got it; if you are looking for deep-seeded heartfelt lyrics, you got it; if you need a pick me up to boost your day, you got that as well!”

“A very awesome harder rock album with great ties to God and biblical backing. The country/rock feel is fun and cool I am adding this to my favorites”

“As President of Raise The Praise, I want to take a moment and say we were blown away by the group CrossTie at RTP's festival this year. What an incredible family group of artists and musicians. They are truly talented of the Lord and use their talents to give God all the glory. We would definitely recommend this group and we will be honored to have them return to a Raise The Praise Festival in the future.”

Joyce Stark - Raise The Praise

“CrossTie comes to Morning Pointe of Columbia. Residents and staff loved the music and the wholesome, faith-filled stories of the family...”

The Informer Community News

“We had an outdoor concert, in June, in Alabama. CrossTie played amazing in 95 degree weather. Really touched the youth of our church and had the group rocking. It was an amazing worship event. They gave testimony and played music that was truly enjoyed by an audience from 8-88. My son, along with the other kids said it was the best day of their lives. That made the heat, in Alabama, one of my best days ever. ”

Travis Moore - Gig Salad Review

“I have used CROSSTIE for the last two years at the middle school where I teach. Both years, they have performed at our year end concert. What can I say other than they are awesome! The kids loved their program and their presentation. Even though we are a public school, these guys presented a simple message of the gospel through their songs that our students could understand and enjoy.”

Eric Harvey - Gig Salad Review

“CrossTie kept the very eclectic 4th of July crowd in Maury County Park captivated and entertained. Their passion and faith is as impressive as their musical talents. This high energy, family friendly Christian Rock not only impressed the crowd but garnered accolades from other more seasoned groups performing at our event. If you have an opportunity to hear CrossTie perform don’t miss them…If you have an opportunity to book CrossTie do not hesitate…Book Them Now! ”

Sonjalyn Rine - Gig Salad Review

“I had the rare privilege of getting out from behind the keyboards at Lighthouse Ministry where I am the church's pianist/music leader and join the crowd seated in the pews to listen to CrossTie's performance. By the end of show they had renewed my faith in the younger generation of Christian music as well as individuals. The refreshingly positive and professional attitudes began with Greg, the dad and leader. What a cool dad! Each member worked diligently together as a team to set up and sound check. Before the show started they gathered together along with the rest of the crew and prayed. Halfway thru the first song it was apparent that each member (despite their young ages) had already mastered their instruments and played at a level far beyond their years. They were well-coached & rehearsed, tight, included tasty chops, breaks, rests and modulations. As a musician with over 40 years of experience (including professional) frankly I was blown away...”

Randy Hines - Gig Salad Review

"Tied to God, Tied to Family, CrossTie Rocks Audiences"

“The father-son relationship made the perfect scenario to display God’s love in his word and remains the Ideal backdrop for sharing the gospel today. This message is brought front and center each time the Tennessee Christian Rock Band CrossTie is on stage. Uniquely created, as only God can, CrossTie is made up of a father and his three sons, ages 10, 13 and 16. With years of performing already under their belt, these boys are seasoned and have a work ethic second to none.”