Crooks / Press

“We finally decide that we'll be the way all of the members of Crooks seem to be - happily straddling that line between the pain and what they wash it all down with. ”

“It might be only a matter of time before these fellas get too big for their britches. ”

“Crooks could be Austin’s next break-out”

“Crooks digs up deeply planted Texas country roots and dusts them off with lonesome guitar, southwestern horns, and Josh Mazour’s equal parts aching and rowdy vocals....”

“One of Austin’s finest up and coming country bands, Crooks , plan to headline a show at Scoot Inn on Saturday night. Joining the guys on stage are fellow local buzz bands Western Ghost House and Twilight Hotel. This should be a great chance to see some of the best new bands Austin has to offer on the cheap”

“A country band in the original and truest sense of the term, you won’t find Crooks trafficking in Bud Lite-swilling sports bar anthems or boot scoot boogies. Not content to further clog CMT with radio-ready schmaltz, rural sentimentality, or nostalgia for a simpler time, these hounds are out to tree a different animal altogether. If you play a Crooks song backwards, you won’t get your dog, truck, and woman back. Though you might get your morality, humanity and sobriety. The good geologist, like the amateur musicologist, knows that to unearth the best rock, one must look underground. And this holds just as true for outlaw country. So if you’re looking to wet your whistle at an undiscovered watering hole, give Crooks country a try. It’s just down the road apiece, off the well-worn path. ”

“There’s nothing quite like a classic high lonesome sound to get straight to the heart of every country and roots music fan, especially when it’s done right and with honest emotion. This Austin, TX, four-piece sure got it right.... The images come straight out of Country & Western pulp fiction: bar stools, 18 wheelers, whiskey drinkin’, houndogs, small dusty towns, endless highways and regret...... ”

“Recipe for a country band that’s going places: start with the perfect front man, throw in a guy who can apparently master any musical instrument you place in his hands, mix with an utterly unflappable standing bassist and drummer. That, in essence, is Austin band Crooks......There was one up-tempo song in Crooks’ set. It was, of course, a drinking song. Crooks has the sound, and the look, to go far. If I was a betting man, I’d put down some money we’ll be hearing much more from them in the future. ”

“Rare is the musical portmanteau that triggers the gag reflex quite like “country rock,” but Crooks’ quick-and-dirty four-song EP exemplifies the genre at its hard-drinking, windswept best. It’s country from the Hank Williams Sr. school — damaged, dusty and bleary-eyed — injected with the stomp of Red River Street. Josh Mazour’s wounded Southern drawl anchors the perfect harmonies of opener “River Road” all the way through to closer “Bar Stool,” a honky-tonk swinger that calculatedly risks falling into Pat Green cliché but for a killer hook and Brian Salvi’s ace fiddle turn. But it’s “Downtown” that finds Crooks at their best — hard-edged and foreboding, with an operatic grandness driven home by Sam Alberts’ stirring trumpet”

“Crooks’ trip through the bleaker stretches of country began with its bleary-eyed self-titled debut, and the band—now a quartet—burrows its way deeper into the dark heart of rural America on the new Lonesome, Rowdy, And Restless EP. The record delivers large quantities of those titular adjectives, all treated with the wounded hiccup of lead vocalist Josh Mazour. Though Mazour and his bandmates sidestep the roadhouse on the Neil Young-esque barn-burner “18 Wheels,” they’re still at their strongest pretending to back up Hank Williams Sr. or providing the theme to a lost Sergio Leone epic.”