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“If you are into Clutch, Led Zep, The Who, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Wolfmother, Kyuss and QOTSA then you are going to love this band as I did. They know how to write a top-notch tune with great vocals and lyrics to match. If Crobot were around in the 70s then they would have been one of the legendary bands from that era. As Crobot, have the same energy and power of those legendary bands. The band lay down some impressive Sci-fi vibes to stand out from the crowd. The vocals instantly draw you in to tell you a great story with the sublime riffs on show...Just get ready for a ride of top-notch action packed riffs that would make the masters of rock proud to call their own...Crobot are inventive musicians especially with the sci-fi vibes going through out the album... Crobot play to their strengths...just good old-fashioned music and great lyrics to match The songs have a great story to tell... Excellent and Highly Recommended”

“...a dominating victory detailed in the hard rock hustle of their debut full-length, The Legend of the Spaceborne Killer. A self-fulfilling prophesy, to be sure, but the path to rock n’ roll infamy is often paved with glitter and sweat, and Crobot have taken one giant step toward all them bright lights by unleashing an absolutely tasty array of heavy groove n’ roll. You know, I haven’t heard this kind of smoky stage attack slither out of Pennsylvania since Silvertide burned up everyone’s denim panties about 10 years ago, and fans of The Parlor Mob, Monster Truck, or the late Dirty Sweet ought to seek out every algae-filled swimming pool, beer garden, stinky festival, or dilapidated concert hall in order to catch Crobot before they blow up and are gone forever. So, come, brothers and sisters, and join all the cosmic doppelgangers and dirty faced brethren for good times in the bad lands. Resistance really is futile.”

“How can something that has a classic sound be new? You don’t hear music like this anymore. A breath of new life in a timeless sound, Crobot is new in an old way. With remnants of Zeppelin and Rush, Crobot shows that 70’s Rock & Roll is timeless and can stand its own in today’s Rock scene. This is why “Legend of the Space Born Killer” by Crobot is your GOM Song Of The Day.”

“When the Harrisburg, PA quartet known as Crobot stepped onto the stage at The Wonder Bar, they were virtual unknowns to the Jersey Shore music scene. 45 minutes later, completely drenched in sweat, Crobot emerged as the new favorite band of everyone in attendance. Their absolutely dynamite set evoked memories of The Parlor Mob, Clutch, Queens of the Stone and all the great fuzzy stoner metal from the 70s. These guys are an absolute, with equivocation, must-listen to band.”

“Like some sort of collective Rock N’ Roll stigmata, those who entered Pop-Break.com’s Shipwrecked At The Shore Showcase within The Wonder Bar on Thursday evening had the holiest of musical blood spew from their aural orifices in a Metal-induced cascade as torsos spasmed, knees twitched, and necks realigned on spinal columns as Harrisburg, PA’s Crobot forced this reporter to pop in ear plugs, a career first, while performing the loudest, soul singing set I’ve ever had the fortune of covering…”

“Fronted by the charasmatic Brandon Yeagley, unquestionably one of the strongest and talented on the circuit, Crobot is creating a buzz in the contemporary rock scene. As a band in their early twenties, Crobot is turning heads in clubs and excecuting some of the most commanding and convincing performances.”

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