The Valkyrians / Press

“musica e solidarieta a stelle e strisce Luigi Paglione”

“Travel førjulstid for Mossekvinne”

"Amazing Alternative Rock Band!...Unique sound...Cris' voice is amazing and original - nothing else that sounds like it!...."

“Conquer’s monthly showcases are part of that, and this one presents Barbara Montgomery & the Women of Jazz, Zair Baily, Jan Alba & Rust, Sandy Hall, Elizabeth Salvatico, and (one of my personal favorite artists) Cris Valkyria and the Opponents. ”

“Cris Valkyria rocks! check our her music here www.crisvalkyria.com”

“Cris Valkyria played a song I love, "cutting strings." Not only a great song and hook, but has eight bars of melody that I absolutely cove”

“OPen Mic at Downey's -filmed by audience member.”

“Live radio interview of local indie artist Cris Valkyria from Cris Valkyria and the Opponents.”

“Chris Montgomery Tweetvid: Complimenting Cris Valkyria's solo performance at Doc Watson Open Mic:”

“Cris Valkyria's benefit concert at Hard Rock Cafe July 15th. Twitter post by United Way.”

“Tyler Music Groups own website. This the Production company producing Cris' EP. (Principal Producer is Will Smith).”

“A review of local musicians in Philadelphia. Please feel free to log in and review Cris Valkyria and the Opponents as well! Here is an extract of two reviews: 1. Anonymous said... on Aug 10, 2010 at 09:34PM| “Awesome sound. The band as well as Cris' voice is powerful and the stories she tells are moving. I recommend seeing them” 2. Anonymous said... on Aug 10, 2010 at 09:40PM| “Great and very powerful voice"”

“Live music Philly on Radio Volta - playing Cris Valkyria songs June 2nd and May 26th on Radio Volta”

“Live streaming form our gig at the Coffee Club in Media may 29th...”