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“Cris&Lou are featured in the Parents Express mag through Montgomery News regarding our Cris&Lou Music Project! Written by wonderful author Katherine Hahn. Check out what we have in store for our project and please like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/crisandlou to stay in touch!”

“Check out this article profiling Lou from "Cris and Lou" wonderfully written by cousin Max Venditti where he touches on Lou's life and his musical/charitable contributions. This publication is also specific to his Italian roots where his family is from... :)”

“Cris and Lou are so excited to be publishing our first Children's book as part of our "Along with a Song" series. This first book, "Good Morning" ,will have a free download of the titled song to go along with the illustration. We hope you like it. Check out the link below, only $1.99!:”

“Cris&Lou are running a "Blanket for the Homeless" drive for Philadelphia Homeless. We will be distributing them during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Please help Cris&Lou by dropping off a blanket at our drop off spot: Christian Street YMCA. We are also working with the folks at Trader Joe's! The box will be there till November 25th. We really appreciate your donation!!! check it out on www.crisandlou.com”

““The Bully Song”. " ....We are “Cris and Lou”, a musical Children’s Duo located in the Philadelphia Tri-state area that have gained popularity from our charitable work with the creation of our catchy educational songs that target children in the age range of 1 through 12. We are in the process of releasing a 2nd CD which will include a song about bullying, aptly named, “The Bully song” : www.crisandlou.com”

“Dear Cris and Lou, I thank you for not just what your hard work and passion brought to me this Race season but, more importantly, what you gave to the tens of thousands who fundraised and united on Eakins Oval for the Race and the Dash. You gave them hope and encouragement. You assured them if breast cancer looms ahead, they have a friend walking right by their side. You gave adults comfort knowing their children have that same steadfast support… and gave children confidence they have the power to make a difference. Whomever that "Gertie" is in their lives… whatever that cherished experience they Race to preserve… you empowered them to fulfill their personal missions and save lives.”

“Cris and I are proud to present another wonderful article about the Cris&Lou Project published in this month's Montgomery News....Check it out!!”

“Check out a "Cris and Lou" article on the Chestnut Hill Local called "Hill psychologist also heals with singing Treehouse Café duo brings musical joy to sick"”

"Their Music helps medicine go down" A duo sings and plays for hospitalized children. "We need to make them smile"......

"Cris and Lou" were the featured artists on the Kerri Edelman Show...check out our interview on our web page's "about us" section. Link is attached!! :)

“Cris&Lou will be featured on KYW's "Positively Philadelphia" show (1060 AM)! It will be heard every other hour (1:10,3:10,5:10,7:10, etc.) into the 5:40 & 7:10 rush hour slots on Monday a.m. Cris and I are real proud of our project and dearly thank our friends for helping us discuss it's purpose...Check it out online!”

“Lou's article on his experiences of a Father-Son trip to his family in Italy has been posted on www.dadsworld.com (psst: it's also on our website at www.crisandlou.com) Check it out!! Hope you like it :)”

“Cris has written this blog about how she facilitated her son in quitting his pacifier (pfiew) - it was published on the offbeatmama.com website but you can check it out at our website at Crisandlou.com - together with many other published blog topics....don't forget to like our Facebook page as well!! :)”

“Lou has posted an article on dad.ie regarding his father-son trip to visit his relatives in Italy. We hope you enjoy his perspective of traveling with a teenage son....you can also check out the blog on our webpage at www.crisandlou.com Don't forget to like us on Facebook too!! :)”

“Cris has posted a new article on mothering issues called "The supernatural powers of kisses"...it's amazing how a Mom (or Dad) can be viewed as a SuperHero for a precious moment in time...check it out! :)”

“Parent's Express Magazine (May 2011) "Children's music is about more than just selling CDs for Philadelphia musicians Cris Valkyria and Lou Paglione; it's about educating children, supporting social service organizations and expanding horizons for young musicians........" ”

“Article posted on dad.ie website called "Musicians on Call" which talks about our wonderful program with the MOC and our experiences within the Childrens Hospitals. Check it out on our Blog, www.crisandlou.com or at www.dad.ie! xoxo C&L”

"Smiles surfaced to precious faces as a consequence of you both sharing your talents & spirits. Thanks so much!"

"Cris and Lou are a show not to be missed"

“Published blog from Lou on dad.ie's website regarding juggling hectic schedules of a family while following your passion. Check it out at our website at www.crisandlou.com. Pick up a CD for a good cause!”

“Cris and Lou are now members of "Musicians on Call"!... MOC is a wonderful organization that, like us, believe in the healing power of music. By delivering live, in-room performances to patients undergoing treatment or unable to leave their beds, we add a dose of joy to life in a healthcare facility. Since 1999, MOC's volunteer musicians have performed for over 250,000 patients and their families. With your help, we can do even more. Cris and Lou have had their first MOC session at CHOP on Thursday, feb 10th...Looking forward to doing more of these wonderful events. We are scheduled to go at least once a month... :) ”

“PCA Announces a Partnership with Cris and Lou We are grateful for a new partnership with singer/songwriters Cris and Lou, who recently announced they will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their CDs in support of the work of Philadelphia Children's Alliance. In their words, "In addition to the important mission of bringing music to little ears, fostering social and emotional learning in children, and supporting sound child rearing techniques through our music, we also like to promote children's welfare in general. We are proud to donate the proceeds from CD sales to Philadelphia Children's Alliance." Cris and Lou have also donated a live performance at a Children's Birthday Party experienced to be auctioned LIVE at the Bear Affair on Thursday, April 28th. A heartfelt thanks to Cris Valkyria and Lou Paglione! ”

“Cris and Lou would like to make a very special announcement that they have partnered up with the Philadelphia Children's Alliance. We will be donating a portion of our CD Sales to the PCA. To find out more about the PCA, please check them out at: http://paphiladelphia.nationalchildrensalliance.org/ Thank you for all of your help and please stay in touch!!! Much Luv, C&L ”

“We are so happy to share our songs with you. Our songs are meant for children between the ages of 1 and 7 and their parents. We write songs about those things we have to deal with every day - often those things that can be a source of conflict between parent and child or amongst children. In fact, the songs are all about different virtues parents wish for their child to obtain. For example, we have songs about sharing, tidying up one’s toys, brushing one’s teeth, potty training, good manners, like saying “hello, goodbye and thank you, eating healthy food, going to sleep and waking up. Why don’t you listen to our medley located in the sailboat above this text? You can also visit our shop to either download our songs, or order the hard copy CD. We would love to see you at one of our shows, so please sign up for our e-newsletters - to see when we are planning to come and perform near you!”