Cris Conerty / Press

“Wow! Cris, this is an amazing piece of work! The vocals, the band - even the album itself is beautifully done. I have been playing it for 2 days and enjoying it more each time!”

Zoe - www.crisconerty.com

“I was truly 'blown away' by your latest song. I was not going to [order a CD] - only because I am retired and my resources are limited. However, after listening to [Tell Me What My Daddy Did Right] and your title cut from Here's To Sorrow, I cannot resist!”

Eileen, fan - www.crisconerty.com

“Today I sit here crying with joy as I listen to "Here's To Sorrow". You are writing about my life, too. Just like you, I rose from the ashes. Thank you, Cris, for your beautiful words and music. It is truly a gift to all of us.”

fan, name withheld - www.crisconerty.com

“My prayer is that every mother and child from a broken family will one day hear the words to [Tell Me What My Daddy Did Right] and take them to heart. What a beautiful, heartfelt song!”

Debra, fan - www.crisconerty.com

“YOU ARE AMAZING! You are reallllllllly good! My favorite song so far is Speak Love! I usually don't like country, but you’ve got me converted!”

15-year-old fan - www.crisconerty.com

“...The songwriting is crisp, with a classic country sound...Conerty clearly knows how to turn a phrase and her heartbeat for writing songs that showcase real life is one that will inevitably land her in some solid places. Here's to good things coming your way, Mrs. Conerty.”

Andrew Greenhalgh - Ariel Publicity/CYBER PR