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“Crimson Guardian releases 2017 first round show dates April 1 \m/ \m/ \m/”

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“Crimson Guardian, “Into the Nightmare” — The boys waste nary a blink driving incisors into this thunderous warhorse; Gatling guns may only behold drummer Sean “Flames” Quinnett’s ever-shifting (mostly white-lipped and frantic) tempo in awe of its accuracy and celerity. “Pray for forgiveness / pray to the sun,” Dave Jones commands over a razor-sharp charge of hell-dashed metal (clapperclawed by Jones and Greg George, sawing their machines to paint chips and coils), like the primo stuff adults reviled and posers thought too hard. But none will heed your woebegone wails, because if your nightmares move at this speed, chances are y’ain’t wakin’ up. Cory Frye from Gazette-Times -2013”

Cory Frye -Gazette-Times - Crimson Guardian, “Into the Nightmare”

“Crimson Guardian, Sands of Time has been selected and published on PauseandPlay.com for their (Winter 2017) Listing of Album releases.”

“Crimson Guardian has released Sands of Time with hit tracks such as Year of the Rat and Beyond the Never..plus 11 more tracks of pure face melting metal ..13 original tracks in all. CD's are available from the band and from cdbaby. digi album downloads and track downloads available in all major music online retail stores ....band merch shirts/hats/stickers is ready for you too! order yours now ....\m/”

“Independent recording and performing artiest Crimson Guardian has reaches 10.4k friends on their social media hubs \m/...keep the likes and friend requests coming....”

“Crimson Guardian is hard at work not only fleshing up on tunes but coming up with new ones as well...Taking it to the next level the Band is restructuring themselves and recreating themselves into a more professional image, and revamping merch....”

Falling Dave productions - Crimson Guarduan undergoing marketing reformat

“Crimson Guardian back to #1 on the Reverb Nation Chart for Oregon. Thank you friends! U put us back on top \m/”

Falling Dave Productions

“Crimson Guardian Drummer returns to line up.”

CG News - CG. Drummer returns