Crimson City Romance / Press

“: One doesn't have to be a prophet to forsee the future potential for Crimson City Romance. I believe they are on the road to greatness. This band has the talent, charisma and dedication to become an International sensation. Watching them develop and spread their wings is a joyful thing. Tip of the proverbial hat to this band. They are going to make it! ”

Rick Frost - Frost Records

“You guys blow me away, if Evenescence had a love affair with H.I.M while listening to Pink Floyd, CCR would be the resulting fetus. You guys keep rockin!”

Carl Michael - Carl Michael

"Crimson City Romance" The darkness shines through the heavens as this music takes you into the cold dungeons of your mind, to expand the warm feelings in your heart!!!!! lots of love & respectron

- A.A.B. (alienacidbath) studios press - - A.A.B. (alienacidbath) studios press

“Can't believe what I heard from this group of teenagers. A lot of people spend 20 years to get like this. I don't know how to describe their music other than goth-rock-pop-metal. The pretty girl out front, the metal guitar maniac, the fast drummer, crazy bassman, and jazzy keyboard player. They are new and already have a chance to play on big tickets. This is a winning combo. One to follow for sure!! ”

Cammycarl - Pollstar

“Without a doubt the band to watch out for, young hot singer holding her own in today's music world. The mix of music is one to be reckoned with, is it rock,alternative or goth ? Finally a band that everyone loves. If I could only go to one concert it would be Crimson City Romance.”

Fullstop - Backpage.com

“I was not expecting so much from a new band, if you haven't seen them add them to your " Must See" list, you will be rocked away !!!”

Red Phoenix - Pollstar