Crhymes619 / Press

““Round and Round” and “Girl Believe” are satisfying comfort food for a hip-hop head’s soul. Crhymes also sticks to the formula he’s known for, rapping about anything from haters to sex to relationships. He shines when he gets autobiographical and introspective, and he shows lots of heart on the title track, as well as album highlight “Pain.””

““I’m going to try to be out here for as many of them as possible,” says Cesar Tellez, aka Crhymes, a rapper and close friend of Al’Uqdah’s, who’s been filming the rallies and posting the videos on YouTube and local hip-hop message boards. “I know I got shows and other shit that’s coming up during the summer, but I’m going to be out here for every single one I can be. And if I don’t come out, I’m going to send somebody to represent me to keep recording them and keep documenting them and keep the message going.””

“Crhymes says that, until recently, San Diego lagged behind other hip-hop cities. “Too much of the gang mentality,” he says, “that’s why West Coast rap fell off. It’s hard to do shows if you have people always trying to fight or shoot up the place. Then you have to deal with the police not wanting shows because of the gang shit.” ”