Creepy Band / Press

“It's the season for all things eerie and, despite the fact that they're making music year-round, Chicago's Creepy Band has never sounded more right. After nearly three years together, the band's horror-movie-inspired rock 'n roll songs aerated with haunting church organ sounds provide a Halloween party soundtrack preferable to a "spooky" sound effects CDs. In fact, they're actually a fun listen in any setting.”

“Uncanny in name and sound, Creepy Band is one of those encounters you never forget or drive out of your mind no matter your reaction to their unique and evocative sounds, though it is hard to imagine anyone not being enthralled and wrapped up in the sinister creativity going on especially within their debut album. The Curse Of The Cloak is a delicious eerie encounter which paints and evokes colourful haunting emotions and imagery through its collection of aural ‘horror movies’ and makes for the most compelling playmate each and every time its long spooky fingers are allowed to tease the senses.”

“And while it is pretty dark and chock full of eerie church organ, the record has plenty of old school, Black Sabbath riffs here to keep your head bangin’. Not to mention the punchy Danzig-like vocal of lead singer Dave Henderson.”

“The punk rock outfit has immersed itself in the city’s indie scene, toured the country and completed its first full-length album, “The Curse of The Cloak,” set for release Oct. 31 for the band’s anniversary.”

“These five minstrels of the underworld are possessed by demented desire to infect this city with their creepy rock 'n' roll and haunt your soul with eerie church organs and ghastly screams.”

“It's October again, and the ghouls and ghosts of Chicago are stirring from inside their forest hollows. The leaves are starting to bleed red, and Creepy Band is poised to unleash their debut LP onto the earthly realm.”

“The twisting of horror-film stereotypes has long been a metal hallmark, but Creepy Band seems singularly dedicated to the pursuit, arriving with a fully formed novelty act more satisfying than most.”

“I wrote up Creepy Band a few weeks back and I was thoroughly impressed by their – well, creepy – style. The group literally uses organ to not only accent its 60s psychedelic sound, but to raise those goosebumps all over your skin. Every pained howl and guttural scream backed by distressed organ moans only serves to delight Jim Morrison’s ghost.”

“Chicago quintet Creepy Band make every day feel like October 31 with its psychedelic rock style that is heavy on organ. It’s hard not to paint Creepy Band with a Doors brush, but that’s what happens when your singer yelps with true guttural growls ala the Lizard King, Jim Morrison.”

“Between the Phantom Of The Opera-organ and shouty, Jim Morrison vocals, Creepy Band has built itself a sound that imagines an alternate reality in which the music to the aforementioned musical was written by the great ’60s psychedelic rockers rather than Andrew Lloyd Webber.”

“Creepy Band is an appropriate name as their dirge-y brand of rock ‘n’ roll has more in common with a funeral mass than a punk show.”

“Creepy Band fills a space with a world of their own, like a great cult horror film that makes you forget life outside the theater.”

“I can see people that are into rock music could very much enjoy this and I would recommend them checking it out.”

"Somewhere along the line, Tom Waits and Glenn Danzig had a bastard lovechild. They named it Creepy Band."

“A little heavy-metal, a lot of love for Glenn Danzig circa the Misfits and a heaping dose of weirdness makes the Chicago quintet stand out from their surroundings.”

“Think Misfits meets Black Sabbath. Donning hoods and druid like cloaks, their frightful presence did not overshadow their level of engaging fun.”