Creepsville666 / Press

““We wanted to give it a different sound than the traditional psychobilly/rockabilly thing,” Dellamonte said,.."the band’s influences are widely ranged,from George Jones, Johnny Cash, Motley Crue and a lot of punk rock are congealed to create the Creepsville666 sound.”

“These guys punched out a number of "dead" love songs that I'm sure would make any teenage girl wet. They came out from Mesa, Arizona, and as they were finishing up there set the singers final words were "Hail Satan".”

Jeff Boulter - Alex's Bar Feb 3, 2008

“G&C: Creepsville 666 – Catchy name. You guys are from Arizona – I guess that’s where Satan would live if he were looking for somewhere hot as hell. Does Satan know you guys? I’m guessing you have already sold your souls? Robbie: What Soul? I traded mine for dope. ”