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Also known by Nativeheart/Creenativeheart, Creenativeveli/Creenative and sometimes Orpheus. I'm a Canadian Rap artist, Musician, Writer/Music engineer. Manager and CEO of CreeN8ive Entertainment. I work side by side with my best friend Creeture who is in almost all my songs, he is the Co founder of the company. Besides been a single father I'm also a Connect music Licensing member certified to produce other artist but I spend most of my time been a family man. Creeture is also a single father, has a daughter of his own so when we have time we try record what we can after putting together some ideas. We are currently working on a project, titled, "Evolution" so far we have released a few demo songs for our fans to listen too because we appreciate our fans and love them but we also fund our own project and money is not always easy to come by. We built our own studio with the little funds we have, we love music and both like to write so we invested in some equipment, nothing hightech or fancy but everything we do is legit, we also do our own mixing and mastering. You can listen to some of our songs on Reverbnation and Sound cloud. Hope you enjoy

I (Creenative) began my career in music as a solo rapper. I later met Creeture in 2012 who later became my bestfriend, together we took music to another level and not long after, we created CreeN8ive Entertainment. Now we produce songs for mix tapes and albums and take passion in working with other artist.

How it started?
we recorded our first song in 2012, we uploaded it, titled "It is what it is" and within a week we got picked to submit to an on line song competition for a full cover magazine along with VIP invitations to Coast2Coast live events to Miami. This is what motivated us into recording even more songs.

Creeture also produced songs for albums that were released in Canada British Columbia, some of the albums were sold in stores and iTunes. As producers and rap artist I'd say we are credited as a key figure in the Canadian popularization of Spiritual Hip Hop Music. Due to our loving fans, hard work and great tunes; we currently get air time on several online music stations. Check out Jango.

In early 2013, we were contacted by Makaveli Music Group. They were interested in licensing one of our songs 'Beyond fate' ft Creeture on their Makaveli Returns 2nd Album. Hugo Boss also took interest in our music.
We featured in another album that dropped Sept 9th 2013 by Unsigned Grind Mix tape Vol 3, we were also granted the opportunity to feature in the 'It is what it is' project sponsored by Hugo Boss "World Wide Music".

In 2012 we were nominated again to feature in the Coast2Coast rap magazine and chosen top 10 world wide to feature on the cover. We had the opportunity to work with other big name artist: 2 of Miami's finest Dj's - Dj Epps, Dj Depps, The producers of Flow Ridah, The producers of Mary J Blige and LL kool J, also from New York (Music Mystro), Ceo of Coast2coast, Lil Fats, J Rob, Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Sanatana, Jr Writer, The Clipse, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Kurrupt, Barrington Levu, Nore, Black Sheep and more. Feb 2nd 2013 we were again nominated with highest votes to showcase on Coast2coast.

Creeture and I establish our own label, CreeN8ive Entertainment. Under that label, we are producing an album titled “Evolution”.

I (Creenative) am a writer. I read and study Aboriginal Law, I also teach Native history on my Facebook celebrity page. I spend a lot of time studying treaties too. In September of 2013 I licensed my Record label.

The themes of most of the songs we recorded revolved around the violence and hardship in foster homes, residential schools, the streets, racism and other social problems. Both of Creenative's parents and several other family members were prisoners of the residential schools in Canada including his younger brother and sisters. Cree's mother (Wilma) was pregnant with him while she attended a residential school. His grandfather served in WWII and was giving land by the government, his grandfather was later murdered along with his mother and uncle not long after his birth, Cree was 2 years old when his mother died. RCMP later recovered half her body in the winter of 1983, she had a closed casket funeral and Creenative did not get to attend as he was in protective custody. Cree was again later given to family members, but was abused and apprehended again then permanantly taken when he was 5.

Creenative was immediately placed in a residential school North of Saskatchewan, there he was raised up until the age of 12. Creenative was stripped of his culture, hair was cutt off and all sacred bundles and clothing were taken away and destroyed. Both his grandparents passed away. His father Thomas Merasty was later charged for the murder of his mother but was found not guilty.

Creenative got his get away in 1996. Spent some time on the streets running from fear of been taken back to the school. Creenative had an interview and spoke of the horrible things that took place, by the end of the year all residential schools in Canada were closed down.

Do you have anything you want to say?
We want to give all our respect and love to our fans, the ancestors, thank you so much for all your support. Thank you Francis (foster mother) for always been there. Thank you to all those who helped promote our music, shout outs to my brother Creeture, and also to our families. We love you all, thank you Creator for all that you do... Bless you all

Contact me for any questions or licensing opportunities here: cree@nativeheart.ca

Our music site: reverbnation.com/creenative

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Kelowna, BC, CA
Ceo and Founder of CreeN8ive Entertainment - Producer/ Songwriter/ Publisher/ Rap Artist/ Model/ Production's Manager/ Clothing designer & Graphics Designer.

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