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“REVIEW FROM AMAZON.COM: Muscle Rock Jammin' & Country Heart Swayin', April 11 After catching a live performance I couldn't get to Amazon fast enough to download the songs this Texan Outlaw Country/Rebel Rocker had emblazoned in my head a few nights previous. This album has enough muscle-rock riffs to keep you jammin' and enough country heart to keep you swayin' & singin'. Creed's one Texan who doesn't apologize for his music, and that's better than alright with all us folks who love the southern-rock genre. Creed's mighty fine guitar pickin' and his vocals exhibit a wade range of everything from riffs mildly reminiscent of Skynyrd, ZZ Top & AC-DC to vocal ballads worthy of being compared to Waylon, Haggard and Hank Jr., and yet enough originality to stand out on his own. Creed's range is going to carry this relative newcomer a long way. Give 'em a listen. You'll like what you hear. And if you have the chance to catch Creed Fisher live, don't pass up the opportunity!”


"I've had the privilege of knowing Creed for close to a year now, and have listened to his music extensively!!! We have also played a show together in Odessa. His music is fresh, witty and above all distinct, as is his voice and stage mannor."

"Creed is bringing back good, ol' classic country with a southern rock thang! Lovin' it!"

Tracey Lee - Reverbnation

"Creed is just too cool for words. We love his voice and his songs tell it like it is here in the great state of Texas!"

Robert Cobos - TJ Rabbits Texas Music Store

"Creed Fisher is a Star in the making and has my full support."

"Creed Fisher is big on talent, writing, and performing!!! This is Texas Country music!"