"Incredible banjo and vocals make this local youngster a treat for the ears."

Rapid City Journal

"Crazy Mountain Billies are just crazy, man. Crazy ..."

““… the one-man-band better known as Crazy Mountain Billies, is a force of nature on the banjo!””

Ayliah Sanders - Rapid City Cultural Trends Examiner

““A brilliant album ("Badlands") of what can almost be described as old time 'hillbilly'. The main instrument apart from the gravelly raw vocals is the banjo, but with mandolin, upright bass, harmonica, jews harp, washboard & dobro in the mix. I've probably listened to it at least a dozen times and it always seems to have something new going on in it! I know very little about the band but want to find out more! Probably the nearest band (that I can think of!) to them would be the Bad Livers, but these are even more Hillbilly, although the playing, particularly of banjo, ranges from excellent to unbelievable! I defy you to listen to this album and not have a smile to yourself; maybe even on your face!””

"One-man lineup works for his brand of bluegrass... his songs overflow with real melodies on multiple instruments. His unique vocals are worthy of praise."