Crazy Ivan / Press

“WOW what a Great Friday Night at The Pub! Crazy Ivan was Awesome and kept the crowd on the dance floor all night. I LOVE watching my customers having a Blast! Can't wait to have these guys back!”

Lexi's Pizza Pub - Facebook

“Thank you all so very much! It was such an amazing day and Mattie's Team is so very appreciative of Crazy Ivan's willingness to take part. Mattie loved the music. He was sitting in the shade and rocking to the beat with a grin on his face! Thank You again!”

Matties Miracle Mile - -Facebook

“You guys are fantastic! (I heard you at Silverstar a couple of weeks ago). I heard a lot of positive feedback from festival committee members about you guys, and would definitely like to have you back next year! ”

Julie Laird - Go 4th Event Coordinator

“In today’s bar scene, that might not be enough anymore though. The classic rockers are getting older and going home earlier, and it takes a very finely tuned list of easily recognizable and danceable classic rock songs to hold a crowd all night long anymore. The next generation of bar-hoppers has come online, literally, and bands are now only a text message away from “this place sucks” and losing the crowd. And in the bar business, it’s all about the crowd. It doesn’t take long to realize each one of these five guys is a very talented musician in their own right. Combined they are a classic rock force to be reckoned with. Their sound was spot on, no one instrument dominating the mix and the overall volume wasn’t overpowering the smallish room we were in. ”

“Thanks again Crazy Ivan for doing the benefit for Kari! Because of you we raised lots of money to help make it while she battles cancer! You guys totally ROCK!”

Rhonda Mannen - facebook

“One more SHOUT OUT to CI for a fabulous evening with our Relay team!! You guys ROCKED!”

Michelle Rabideau - facebook

“Thank you so very much for donating your time and playing for our Relay for Life Fundraiser at the Monticello Hotel last Friday night!! You are a great band! I had an excellent night! Hopefully we can make this an annual event! I know the playing part is only a portion of what it takes for your band! Set up is huge for you guys! Thank you sincerely!”

Chris Mosley McGuire - facebook

“We LOVE YOU - you guys were AWESOME and EVERYBODY was impressed including the bar - hear they're going to ask you back :-))”

Janelle Blevins - facebook

“GUYS WE (Parading for A Cure - Relay for Life Team) CANNOT SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH!! We had a GREAT TIME last night! We are honored that you would play a benefit for us! Lots of great feedback! WE RAISED $2500 last night and it all goes to THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY!!! And the bar hit over $2500 too! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!! ♥”

Lorrie Kennedy Warren - facebook

“I heard this band for the first time. Great band playing great classics. Nice job guys!!”

Bryan Vogel - facebook