Black Soul / Press

“Music brings people together and it's always a pleasure to me to visit my friends, to hear their great music!...Many Greetings”

Wolfgang Leng - Art, Music & More - -

“Great work....Rock on....bb.”

bikerbob - -

“Awesome rockin' guitar! ~KC”

KC Daleigh - -

"mary" listening in as the sun rises in southern california ~ positive vibes Jose!

pinksideofthemoon - -

“~ Excellent Music ^ Best Regards ~”

1reality - -

“much love and support KILLASAC”

killasac - -

“Wonderful Music! Pure talent. Cheers.”

Elmer Pastorius - -

“GREAT work and sound happening here!”


“fantastic atmosphere and spacious, mesmerising vibe to "otra vez" bro, and really lovin that heavier, grinding riff of "elemento universal"..you got some serious playing skills!!”

MikeWhitePresents - -

“You got an amazing talent there bro, was a real pleasure to hear you play. Greetings from New Zealand. WB”

Wade Braines - -

“Otra Vez, wonderful guitar playing and great style. From the Devils Daughter, Judy Shire xxx”

Judy Shire - -

“beautiful music! xo”

NALEDi - -

“your stuff is super awesome, great work! fantastic style...”


“Grandísimo ejemplo de que la música expresa lo que no pueden las palabras ...... BRAVO!”


“i like how you playing the music, and it works well, very well and fantastic”

Dani Mkd in GOODWILL - -

“Cool Work!”

BadgerStatic - -

“I just became a fan on here and I love your music please go to the link below and like my Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/DEEPVOICECHRISTIANSINGER”

BEARÉ TONE - thanks