Craymo / Press

“LYM, I am lovin' this single the more and more I hear it because of the simple Pop factor, sensible melodies and classic rock charm.”

“Love You More. This song has the perfect classic rock sound and feel that hearkens back to the time of true rock and roll. It has every element of the 60's and 70's era of rock that was built on artistry.”

Will Griggs - Songs 4 Screens

"Here is the fantastic track, this is Moment"

“Love You More " Catchy retro hand-clapper that's more sophisticated and moody than it's happy vibes let on"”

“This new hip hop remix will help spread the positive message to more young people that equality and peace are the way to a better future.”


"This is the first time in decades that the birthday song has been reinvented... and it was worth the wait!"

Jed Ryan - PM Entertainment magazine

"Makes my blood rock!"

The Nastyman, radio DJ, (KIIS FM, Los Angleles), Guam, De

"echoes of George Harrison"


"If you were forced to label Craymo’s debut album “Cosmos,” you would have a serious problem on your hands. The New York native brilliantly combines guitar driven modern rock with dance to bring forth a unique pop/punk sound that cannot be explained, but only experienced."

The Industry Resource.com

"moody and contemporary