Crawpuppies / Press

“The musicianship is also top notch, whether it’s the power pop of “Owe It All To You,” the hard rock of the title track, or the acoustic and touching “My Wife.””

“Obviously folks, the Crawpuppies are the real deal and highly recommended is their full length cd "World's Much Bigger". The heavily Beatle influenced Crawpuppies play Chicago's House of Blues tonight (Thu, April 21), opening for Southern California greats Counting Crows.”

“The band’s latest disc World’s Much Bigger features a lot of varied styles but the band seems at its best when its inner Lennon and McCartney comes to core – Richard Milne WXRT- Chicago”

"My very special thanks to Chad Clifford and his band the Craw Puppies! GREAT band and really nice people! If you get a chance, get out and support them when they're in your area. Check 'em out on You Tube as well"

"This entire album will take you away to another place in time. A time when music was about honest to goodness talent and expertise. Each song has a polished feel, leaving you with the urge to play them again and again."

"Straight up rock songs with good melodies always find a receptive audience and these guys certainly have that part locked down."

"When the album leads off with a Big Star riff in the title track you know you're in for some fun"

"The Crawpuppies tell modern day folk stories through their songs, which are best described as straight-up pop rock and powerpop."