Aaron Crawford / Press

“Aaron Crawford is a rare talent. We rarely book solo artists but he came to our venue, packed the place and blew everyone away. He is just so darn good and connects with the crowd as well as anyone.”

Mike Cooney - The Vogue, Chelan

"Aaron has the guts to sing music dripping with roots in a field country artists that go for the easy route and pop radio sound.  He's also one of those dudes you love to love, because Aaron is always humble and kind with chops that will take him straight to the top"!  

DeAnna Lee - KMPS, Boot Boogie Babes

“Aaron Crawford's music is a wonderful combination of rocking energy and heartfelt vocals, his live performance captivates the audience and makes 'em ask - "when's your next show?"  Aaron's eagerness to perform and willingness to "just play music" regardless of the environment endears him to us all!”

Beth Sylves - KMPS

“Aaron Crawford gets IT, has IT, and he delivers IT every time he performs”

Tony Russell-100.7 The Wolf - @talktotony