Craving Strange / Press

“When one buys a rock n’ Roll CD, they don’t want marketability, flashiness or even rebellion. They want a smoking band like Craving Strange to color outside the lines a bit, breaking some rules along the way. “A Life Exceptional” delivers all of the above and more.”

“This is real and genuine rock n’ roll musical expressionism folks!”

“Craving Strange will affirm your faith in music again.”

“I must admit what I heard put a smile on my face and had me wanting to go to the nearest bar and start a brawl. This is one band that gives us a fresh glimpse of what good rock music is supposed to sound like.”

“Craving Strange live is an experience within itself. Their songs range from topics that make you smile while having a good time, to songs that are so powerful that they make you think. A musical experience worth waiting for.”

Radio J - Aural Fix

“Craving Strange is one of the most impressive young bands I’ve seen in recent memory. They have a congruency that is rare, in a culture where individualism is the rule of the day. these guys are a unit. They all look and sound like they belong together.”