Crashing Broadway / Press

“Crashing Broadway would love you to love them. With danceable rock ‘n’ roll, relatable lyrics and dapper suits, the Tupelo-based rock band aims to please.”

"They have the songs, the skills, the image and the desire to take things to the next level as a band. With Kayce Haynes beautifully controlled melodies over TeeJay Timms raunchy guitars; Crashing Broadway is an infectious band that covers the musical gauntlet on their debut album, The Words Crossed Out."

"Crashing Broadway strives to connect with their fans on a level that makes them feel as if they are an integral part of the show, if only for one night. Clearly, they excel, whether on tour or in the studio."

"These guys are the real deal. They are everything that's right with music - from sound, live performance, to professionalism. They work hard to cover all areas and do a wonderful job at it."

“I can't say enough about these guys. The talent is there, the image is there, everything is there. The world is waiting for their footprints.”