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“Crashfuse has released its first full length album titled Between You, Me, And The Lamppost featuring twelve well crafted hook laden alternative power pop and rock songs. The band (Chad Hornberger -Vocals/Guitar, Colin Eberhardt -Drums, Nick Wnuk -Bass and Mike Butler -Lead Guitar)was recently a top three finalist in the Hard Rock Rising band competition sponsored by Hard Rock Café and has had their music featured on radio stations in the US and Australia. With attention to details Between You, Me , And The Lamppost offers up a palette of quirky chord changes, bridges and other ear candy to keep the listeners attention. The disc starts off with "Out of Lives" followed by the slinky Reggae beat of "Sweet Routine". "Crossroads", "Fall On Your Feet" and the ballad "Oh, Apologies" all score here as does the spacey instrumental "Interlude" and the sonic guitar anthem "Watch Me Fall".”

“Seriously, these guys are well worth following as I feel this young band could go far in the not too distant future!”

“People are going to love this album. It’s perfectly tailored and masterfully executed to sell a LOT of copies. If CrashFuse doesn’t break out by next year, I’ll give up writing.”

“Rising up through the ranks, CrashFuse has arrived to put the city of Buffalo on the musical map. They’ve earned cred the hard way through dedication to craft while pleasing local fans with frequent shows around their part of the state.”

“They seemed to have both a sense of history and a desire to forge something new for their own generation, in the process putting the lie to the oft-repeated curmudgeonly notion that “kids today missed out on all the good music.” Such a notion makes for good bumper sticker fodder, but happily, reality does not back it up.”

“Voted Buffalo's Best Alternative Band.”

Canalside Buffalo

“If you need a good listen, look no further then. This album and these songs will make you believe in yourself, make you get up, and dance. They make you feel good. Track six is the track that basically saved my life. Just when I thought all hope was lost, crash saved me and made me believe in myself again, no matter what happens.”

“I feel like I am watching history in the making. Seriously. #crashfuse”

Madison Trevean

“Hard Rock Cafe WNY Regional Finalists, 2014.”

Hard Rock Cafe, Niagara Falls, NY

“You guys stole the show. Mind-blowingly good. You've definitely made a fan out of me. Rock on, Crashfuse.”

Joe Bennett

“Artvoice Battle Of Original Music Competition: "You were fantastic and your new material sounded great. I really liked "The Girl" and enjoyed my favorites as well ("Crossroads", "Just a Little", "Tuition", etc). It was this observers opinion that you were the most charismatic and had the most crowd involvement. Looking forward to future shows with great anticipation--"”

Jonathan Amidon

“You guys have a style all of your own and this new song "The Girl" captures it well!”

Jonathan Amidon

“The disc is a heady mix of alternative and power pop tunes that would appeal to fans of our own Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse or Dave Matthews Band. "Crossroads", "Just A Little" and "Tuition (Am I Letting Go?)" are all good songs and a nice sampler of the bands talents and direction.”

“Just listened to Waiting. This song absolutely defines me!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!! hit me up with your next show please!?!?!?!”

Zak Zimmerman

“Unreal. Honestly, Crossroads gave me goosebumps. Amazing job guys.”

“I usually ignore most band things... I'm glad I didn't ignore this. Absolutely fantastic.”

“Keep an eye out for the upcoming release from Crashfuse!! These boys got some songs. You're really going to love this album!”

California Road Studios

“92.9 Jack FM Buffalo's band of the week.”