Crank Case / Press


"Crank Case is the kind of music you want to listen to while in a classic hot rod doing over 100 MPH down a quiet road and enjoying the wind in your face and the troubles of your life in the rearview mirror. It's an adrenaline ride of an album that keeps the ride going even after the last song is done. " -The Epic Texan of The Epic Show

“Crank Case is a band of close friends who wanted to play some kick ass music .Well let the ass kicking begin. This is a good ole fashioned, foot stompin, beer drinkin rock n roll band. Tunes like spirit of 73 and their anthem "Crank Case" just make ya wanna party harder. The live show is where this band come to life...they deliver the goods on the cd and on the stage....check em out.......you wont be dissapointed.”