Craig Greenberg / Press

“Good song, man!”

Jackson Browne

"Rollicking piano and effusive vocals with buoyant melodies and pure pop pizzazz"

“Greenberg’s “Spinning in Time” EP, a short but cohesive collection threaded with the twang of a country album, the melodic structure of pure-hearted pop and a light hearted vocal delivery reminiscent of Cake”

“New Yorker Craig Greenberg is this time around’s troubadour piano man, combining the pop sensibilities of Billy Joel with the lyrical smarts of Randy Newman. His new Spinning In Time is living proof, offering up five tracks’ worth of haven’t-I-heard-that-before moments that manage to feel both fresh and familiar. ”

“As a sing-a-long vocalist and pianist, Craig gives all the greats a run for their money.”

“Here is a really energetic, piano-based, singer/songwriter's EP that is definitely worth checking out. It's tough to do what Craig Greenberg does and not be compared to Ben Folds... however, his voice is not only spot-on good, but it's definitely quirky and fun to listen to.”

".. A long-awaited follow-up to his first EP, “The World and Back” (2007), Greenberg is thrilled to finally start touring and promoting this his new album, "Spinning In Time" beginning this fall, as well as get into the stream of college shows and music festivals. Interestingly, he didn’t begin performing until...he was living abroad down in Chile and Spain. It was those two countries that Greenberg credits with getting his “start" as a singer/songwriter.

“Craig Greenberg’s debut EP is exactly what a proper debut should be: unselfconscious, energetic and fun. ...tracks here are driven by jaunty, lively keys, quick-witted lyrics, and experimental arrangements.”