Craig Cummings / Press

“CRAIG CUMMINGS is a Baltimore urban cowboy, who sings loudly and clearly enough to give people pause in Nashville and Austin… http://www.craigcummingsmusic.com/ I always list him as Craig “THE VOICE” Cummings, not simply because of his powerful pipes, but because his songs are going somewhere and saying something – he gives a voice to the guy driving back to his hometown, or going to kick back at the beach, or missing home and his wife in a hotel room far away. Small topics, you might think, but not really – the stuff of life! That’s why his songs seem so comfortable and familiar – a little country, part Americana, a touch of folk – all driven by Craig’s big old Gibson, sometimes booming, sometimes a gentle strum behind thoughtful lyrics. He has good CDs, too! Craig often comes to play a few songs for us at Brewer’s Alley Songwriters’ Showcase in Frederick MD on Monday nights – this coming Monday, September 16, we get to hear a full set of his well-written song”