Craig Boyer / Press

“You most definitely deserve to be No.1, so much better than any of the competition, markedly better.”

JohnPez - Fan

“I effin love She Doesn't Feel So Lucky ~ I haven't had a song hit me that hard in soooo very long!”

Sherry Hensley - Fan

“Nothing better than a great song, acoustic guitar and a sweet, honest vocal. Great job!”

Sol Knopf - Fan

“Just totally dig your sound man~ back for more!”

Sherry Hensley - Fan

“I See The Girl - What a beautiful love story to your wife. She is very special and I hope she realizes all the love in that song that radiates to all of us. Happy anniversary!!!!You guys are truly blessed!!”

Deborah Foster Davis - Fan

“I See The Girl is a great song..heart warming.....”

Carolyn Denise Beaty - Fan