CRAIC / Press

"Craic's previous EP was at the top of our list in 2011 and this single ["Hold the Penny"] is the evidence that they are not the future of Celtic punk, but the present. The band is tight and the sound and production are top-notch..."Hold the Penny" is the perfect A-side: a fast-paced catchy song that runs less than 3 minutes. The band's stamp can be heard all along the song: kick-ass tin whistle, brilliant banjo, fantastic sharp guitar and excellent vocals."

“The band of the month is Craic. Their EP "It's Still New Enough That It's Forgivable" is so good that they deserve to be featured as band of the month. ”

“Remember the name, Craic, from Cleveland. They will be competing with the French band Celkilt for the award for the best EP of 2011.”

“Best Singer of 2011 Brett M. Burlison has the throaty roar down that's pretty much required of all Irish punk singers. ”

“Irish Music — It Isn't Just for St. Patrick's Day”

“CRAIC, the Celtic-rock act is back and ready to pick up the momentum it experienced last year. ”

“Band hoping for a Craic at the big time: Budding Irish-oriented ensemble has big-time Brunswick roots”