C.Q. / Press

"Ain't Playing Games" This track displays C.Q.’s lyrical skills perfectly over a very catchy beat.

“This is all nerdcore man yeah. You got a future in the nerdcore stuff stick with it. Goodniche”

“CQ you trax and flow are tight keep your faith in yourself and it will come to you you don't have to go to it you are there Bro yo stuff is bangin!!!! Peace DJ 6”


“well you got my respect. love ur music and nice page! -Brianna Elkin”

“I like the stuff brotha. not bad on he beat line either man. get at me sometime and well shoot the sh@t. Peace bro. -Brandon LeClair”

“You got something serious. My fav two were "Spider Man” & "Paperboy”!! I think you paint a picture with your flow. Dope stuff! Dave Parker”