C.P.X. / Press

“Listening to the first song, The Final Nail, I was reminded of Stone Temple Pilots, which is something that I really like. The singer's voice reminds me of Godsmack. Moving on to Just Let Me Breathe, just kick-ass, in your face, metal guitar. In general, pretty heavy stuff. Definitely reminds me of Godsmack, but this singer is definitely better than Sully. The instruments are heavier than Godsmack, giving a chugging sound, which is very appealing to me. Anyway, I really like this, and I recommend checking them out. Really kick-ass metal, and I think any fans of Godsmack would enjoy this especially.”

Trevor - Suffocating Musician Promotions

"THE FINAL NAIL is the fourth CD released from this amazing diverse two-piece band born in 2005. (Prior releases: OUT OF THE STORM, CONCRETE THERAPY, THE DOOR OPENED). Each of the 12 tracks on the CD are similar but unique in their own integrity. Proving once again that Michael Smith (guitar, lead vocals) & Brandon Underwood (drums, back up vocals) have again pulled it off and shocked audiences with the fact of producing music done by only a two-man band...I give these guys a thumbs up for putting out a CD that while bearing influential stances still remains diverse, unique, and very original. However, I will tell you this: If you're into grisly vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and alternative beats with constant sound dynamics and can appreciate diverse original music, then CPX's THE FINAL NAIL is just what you've been looking for."

“Review of The Final Nail: "8.5/10. The twists and turns are immense! Considering there are just two members in the band they fit a lot into their recordings...This is mighty ambitious and versatile...I love this sound. The blend of guitar and drums are incredible. The change in vocals is superb and the meaty bass hook adds depth. If you love rock n’ roll and stoner/doom genres, then you are going to feast on these eleven tracks for sure."”

"Hailing from 'Parts Undecided' Illinois, C.P.X. is not the kind of band you’d bring home to Mom. In fact, their industrial metal shouldn’t be played if Mom is anywhere in the house. Their perfectly titled Concrete Therapy is chock-full of lyrical, vocal, and musical pain, with songs like 'Can’t Stop The Pain,' 'Wrapped In Pain,' and 'My Addiction,' each of which follows the same formula: deep growling/screaming vocals over simple, ear-punching guitar chords."

Carter Moss - Illinois Entertainer

“Out from the realms of Illinois comes Concrete Therapy. This 2-piece band (impressive) delivers to you 12 songs. Each song is different, and powerful in its own unique way. The overall style overpowers with a metal/grunge blend with powerful vocals and an edginess that makes them stand out. They performed live before putting the songs to disc on this CD (which is also impressive) as this can impact sound quality on the CD. Well, it worked for them. The sound quality is strong and very dynamic. And while a couple songs remind me of Godsmack, overall, the CD is completely original, and I would recommend this to all lovers of metal!”

Heather - Adrenalin Metal Union

“CONCRETE THERAPY may be more on the grunge side, but will surround the listener with powerful insane vocals, muscle-packed instrumentations, and seal the deal with metal edginess. Dramatic vocal role changes take place with each song, however, starting on track 5 “WHAT ABOUT ME?” I do hear bits and pieces of GODSMACK similarities, which I really like as GODSMACK is one of my all time favorite bands. Sealing the CD is track 12 “CHOICE?”. After listening to the CD, I have come to the conclusion that BRANDON and MICHAEL have distinctively revealing talent as a duo while creating awe to their audiences that such accomplishment can be done by two people. BRANDON and MICHAEL, this is truly amazing. ”

Jodi Landes - Metal Alley Webzine

“From Parts Undecided, IL comes the second release from the 2-man band C.P.X. Recorded at I LIKE PEAS studios, the sound quality and production are EXCELLENT!!! CONCRETE THERAPY is a collection of 12 tracks of hard rockin’ metal. At first listen, I detected slight hints of PANTERA, GODSMACK, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, as well as influence from stoner rock, speed/thrash, and just good old heavy metal. Lots of that signature C.P.X. sound, too. One minute the music gives you the uneasy trippy feeling, and the next thing you know, it's stomping your guts out. My favorite track has to be SWINE, but all 12 tracks are GREAT!!! If you have the HONOR of seeing C.P.X. live, be sure you do!!! They are one of the BEST 2 -man bands you'll ever see. With the release of CONCRETE THERAPY, I would have to say the sky is the limit for this hard rockin’ duo.”

Mark Ellsworth - Shadow Entertainment Peoria