The Coy Beck, Jr. Band / Press

“Listening to your music now. Wow.......Your music and voice is a songwriters dream. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic talent with this songpoem Hillbilly. Some people just have the God Gift ability to tell a story with a song. You're one of those people. Your Fan, Janet Snow”

Janet Snow - ReverbNation Artist

“I listened to your tunes and became a fan instantly upon hearing Younger Days. Bite the Bullet is a rockin' tune! You've got great songwriting skills and a great sound. Keep up the good work!”

Town Walsh - ReverbNation Artist

“Coy, ‘Shades of Gray’ is a truly sad and beautiful song. You’re a tremendous lyric writer, and your heart and soul really comes through. A real Pleasure! ‘Younger Days’ has a great Bluzy sound with a country feel. You voice is rich and somebody is playing some great lead guitar. I really like what I hear. Good Luck to you man, and its an honor to have you as a friend.”

Don Haddock - ReverbNation Artist

"Hi Coy, just want to say great sounds, have been listening to your songs here and I have to say apart from being very impressed, I am also tempted to give up the music and get a day job, only joking but listening to you sing makes me realise that there are many talented singers out there and some as good as you. Anyway keep it country. Kindest regards from your new Irish Fan, Shane"

Shane Supple - ReverbNation Artist

"I really like your music... - you have an awesome southern rock sound and your lyrics are terrific too! I wish you much success Coy! I have become a true fan!! God Bless, Lisa :)"

Lisa Matassa - ReverbNation Artist

"I clicked on "Younger Days" and after it played for about 10 seconds, my wife yelled in from the other room..."He's got a good sound." She's a tough critic and that kind of praise from her is hard to come by. After 21 years. I'm still trying to get it. Good music. You remind me a little of Chris Ledoux which is a big compliment."

Martin James Lide - ReverbNation Artist

"sometimes I drop in a page and say wow that guy is good, guess what brother- your one! great work my friend, keep up the good work."

Ric Price - ReverbNation Artist

"Awesome songs brother. Keep writing such great music, because the talent you have is seldom seen these days."

Bill Babnick - ReverbNation Artist

“really like the music and feeling in your songs. Congrats on #12 on the hot country charts - you deserve it. Rock on!”

Savannah Marie - ReverbNation Artist

“I've just been listening to and enjoying your music. Great songs. I really like that 'full' country sound. I particularly like 'You're The Kind of Lady'.”

Graham Butterfield - ReverbNation Artist

“You've had one hell of a career - and your tunes are real Southern Rock!! Younger Days is outstanding!! It had such a classic country-rock feel to it! Awesome lyric! Great vocal! I'm a fan!”

D.P. Pindell - ReverbNation Artist