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“Lots of people have something to say to the government, but few do it in a song. For Cowboy Chrome, that was the only way. Norris wrote “Mr. Politician” and thinks it speaks for current times. “Politicians in general preach change and promise change, but what we actually need to change are the politicians,” said lead vocalist of the band, which he describes as “country with some southern rock and a little bit of soul.” Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram asked the band to play during a Wednesday, March 7, fundraiser for Pat McCrory, former mayor of Charlotte and Republican gubernatorial candidate. “I'm very excited that they're going to be there,” Ingram said. “I certainly believe that the song is consistent with the message of, ‘It's time for someone to step up and make the necessary changes to get our country back on track.' And I think from talking with them, they feel the same way I do. I was very impressed with how committed they are to each other and to t”

Star News Wilmington NC - Cowboy Chrome A BIG GOP HIT

““What impressed us most about Cowboy Chrome was the fact that they know who their target market is … the working class men and women of this country. They write songs aimed directly to the heart of these folks and they nail it,” says JD Wyatt, Director of A & R. “Add the fact that vocalist Travis Norris, who is reminiscent of such greats as Hank Jr. and Merle Haggard, is surrounded by great musicians and you’ve got a winning combination.” Girls Love Cowboys & Chrome … listen and you’ll know why! ”