Cousin John Band / Press

"I received the latest CD by Cousin John Band [Broken Heart Tattoo]...This band is made of friendship and love, you can hear the emotion in every song. Of course they are great artists, but this goes beyond... It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it."

Bertwin Bijleveld - Blues and Friends Radio - Netherlands

"CJB music is a hot mixture of folk, country, blues and tight harmony. It tastes just right, there is no genre for this, so its perfect for the band’s irreverent attitude"

"... Broken Heart Tattoo is a soulful and refreshing record that balances between the intricacies of raw emotion and the uplifting power of well crafted musical compositions."

"... performances seem to be a very vulnerable place..." "... yeah, it's like letting the beast out..."

“The Cousin John Band gave a strong performance that got the attendees moving. Mobley’s gravelly vocals accompanied with strong bass guitar skills ... the crowd kept focused during their set.”

“Overall, “Jellyfish!” has a strong Blues and Jazz influence to it. You’d expect any of the songs to hold up in any jazz spot in New Orleans or Chicago.”

"Pleased to announce that you will be hearing the music of Cousin John Band in the indie horror-thriller film "Virginia Obscura"!" (soon to be submitted at this years' Sundance Film Festival and Shriekfest)

“With a second album planned for release in the fall The Cousin John Band played eight original songs from their album “Jellyfish!” Two of the songs played were previewed for the first time at the Fillmore. Mobley says most of their songs deal with love, sex, relationships, and relationships gone badly.”

"My personal favorites include...an amazing up and comer (that you probably never heard of), called the Cousin John Band who just released their debut CD, titled "Jellyfish" – whose bluesy, honky-tonk vibe makes it veritably impossible for me not to dance.