Courtney Dashe / Press

“The most unusual song was a ballad called “Paper Airplane”, which she said she (Jo Dee Messina) sings to Noah all the time because it makes him laugh. And her husband Chris begs, “Would you stop singing that song! It’s so sad.” I’d call it poignant and appropriate...”

“COURTNEY DASHE/Paper Airplane/Writer: Courtney Dashe —This singer-songwriter makes her disc debut with a six-song EP featuring this lilting title tune. Her voice is a highly listenable, sweet soprano, and her songwriting is strikingly original. Very promising.”

“Our DisCovery Award also goes to an innovator. The songs on Courtney Dashe's debut effort are all self penned and are all admirably individualistic.”

“FISHER STEVENSON/No Tomorrow Here Tonight/Writer: Berg/Slater/Dashe —Rousing and tuneful. Getting over heartbreak has seldom sounded so downright inspirational. Stevenson was previously the front man for Big Blue Hearts, a band I was crazy about in 2005-06. Open the door and let him in.”