Poke / Press

“Thankfully, in both its live shows and on its new album, Poke prefers a trucker-cap approach to country music, which is why it's just as comfortable on a street corner as on a stage. As a bar band or street buskers, Poke is guaranteed to please country fans.”

Josh Gross - Boise Weekly

“Poke’s album takes its guitar picking and upright bass plucking seriously. But these guys don’t take themselves too seriously. The group’s lighthearted, classic-style country is driven by Deteau’s baritone vocal drone and wink-and-a-smile stories about drinking too much, carting truck-stop babes across the Northwest and picking huckleberries. Western swing drives Poke’s sound, but the band happily trespasses on remote pastures. “Owyhee” is Poke’s “Rawhide.” “Poke-a” is nothing more than an opportunity to bust out an accordion and write a polka song around a play on the band’s name. On “Sam,” Poke successfully channels the Ramones while sounding like the same ol’ country-loving, rockabilly-dabbling gang. It’s impossible not to imagine Poke pounding out these songs on a bar stage. They’d be wilder, looser and quick enough to make the wheels rattle on the covered wagon. That way, the enthusiastic hollers would come from the crowd as well as the musici”

“Drawing inspirations from heavy hitters like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams (1 and 3) and Wayne Hancock, Poke is undeniably country. As my buddy Levi assured me though, they're definitely not run of the mill. Sure they have the heart and sentimental souls but they also have some attitude and a lot of spunk. They're the type of band who can make country appealing to just about anybody.”

Francis Delapena - boisebeat.com