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“Counterpoint Culture is marvelous. Pure musical muscle smouldered with a hefty helping of visceral vocals and a side of drums. Eclectic, soulful and erotic harmonies ooze good vibes. Top-notch production, creativity and talent earns them a spot on our 360 Watch List.”

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"Mixing indie rock with reggae, Counterpoint Culture rises above the current wave of like-minded bands — but with more melody and rhythm. Appearing at RT’s Longboard on Thursday, March 29, frontman Cam Pappas has a commanding, radio-friendly voice. But it’s guitarist Andrew Krause’s fretwork that truly spices up the group’s music. Song titles like “Irie Day” give a clue to Counterpoint Culture’s influences, but tunes like “Be Strong” include a touch of classic 1980s new wave for a sound that’s got depth and plenty of groove."

“From San Diego, California, Counterpoint Culture is a four-piece band comprising of Cameron Pappas, Andrew Krause, Dylan Streshly and Carlson Miller who have an alt-rock vibe. Influenced by the likes of rock giants The Rolling Stones and Red Hot Chili Peppers, the quartet have a track called 'Losing Yourself' which sounds great.”

“smooth musicianship which cuts cleanly through the air and into the glossy aesthetics they drip feed scintillating ripples of discordance, which gives the music depth and definition. Influences from The Caribbean and Carnaby Street are mixed in to american blues rock giving a sound that has the ears pinned back captivated in the confident delivery and neat redirection.”