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“Counterfeit I effectively merge industrial expanse, metallic grit, and alternative bliss on Still, Vol. II. It's a rather delicate amalgam, yet it's executed flawlessly in the hands of band mastermind Derek Allen. The only way to describe this cinematic trip is a cross between Mogwai and Neurosis and even that comparison doesn't do its brilliance justice.”

“Their sound is dark and electronic, fluctuating between aggressive and ambient with ease.”

“Allen once again proves that not all music labeled as "experimental" is an incoherent jumbling of unpleasant sounds for the listener to "somehow" be inspired by. It may be that Allen's craft follows no wholly specific formula, but the music of Counterfeit i is still that: music. Raw, emotion-driven, atmospheric, dreamscape-esque music made for the heart and the soul to behold like no other.”


“Their formula of melodic clean vocals resonating through atmospheric electronics, fuzzy guitars and noise is both intellectually challenging and emotionally stimulating.”


“Sink into some cool experimental live electronica. Creating a pulsating blend of ambient, psychedelic and rock, the Chicago-based group’s music finely flows together in each of the five songs. The dreamlike “One Point Five” entrances with haunting guitars, directly blending into “Limb” and somber tones. This part one of the Still EP series then explodes with a punch on “Sahel” as Counterfeit i delves into some Trent Reznor territory—with a bit of grunge. Packing multiple levels of intrigue, if this is only the first part of a series, here’s hoping the next offering is just as rewarding and finely crafted. ★★★★☆”

“A fusion of hardcore and post-rock steeped with synth, the project’s sound is violent and yet deeply emotional.”

“One moment you’re caught in introverted thoughtfulness, accompanied by emotional piano spots or acoustic guitar, the next moment a loud, dissonant rhythm interval in connection with forceful riff walls and noise outbursts conquer your speakers. This album is a rush of adrenaline, a progressive blend for people who love to discover music outside the box. It’s not an easy ride and requires some time, but it’s well worth it. Listen loud! 8/10”

"Very experimental program-sounding beats mixed with single guitar-string melodies. Imagine NIN and Deftones being tossed in a blender."

"It is vital to stress out the honest attitude of Derek Allen, who is rightfully not scared to show what goes on in his creative mind and has the balls to show it without fear of being mocked or badly criticized."

"Thoughtful, electronic-fused rock is the dominant sound on Counterfeit I’s full-length debut, Circuitry. This Wheaton-based act, led by Derek Allen, can certainly grind out the angsty, rugged rock heard on “The Age Of Machines,” but isn’t afraid to get a little ghostly with synths and other electronic elements on highlights like “Perfume Trigger.” It’s at these moments where CI gets experimental without losing focus."

“Counterfeit I takes pride in being unconventional on A Glimpse, An Eclipse, right down to using titles like “. . .” and “(r)this.” The band opts for a harder guitar sound than on its first two releases, creating a sonic landscape marked with battlefields, industrial beats, shouted vocals, and abrupt tempo changes. The fast-paced “Smile” evokes Henry Rollins, while the more theatrical “Grey Revolve” sounds like a radio play. – Terrence Flamm”

“All bands should take as many musical chances as Chicago band Counterfeit i. The group blends surging guitars with electronic beats to create a sound that is totally original.”

“If One Minute Silence and Throbbing Gristle had a love child it would be Counterfeit I. Their sophomore album “A Glimpse, An Eclipse” stomps on the line between experimental and noise. With its 10 tracks of raw ambient noise, you will be taken from brief introspective moments of peace, to terrorizing moments that feel like someone is dragging a live wire across your eardrums.”

"This is some of the best music of 2012. And one of the best LP's to drop out of Chicago so far this year. Don't miss this! "

“On "A Glimpse At Eclipse" makes the American-Chicago be moved duo's experimental engine once again run free. Interesting synthetic carpets are woven with all sorts of stylistic colors, from electronica to industrial noise over and enriched. In addition, are joined by guitar riffs that sometimes turn melodic, metallic rock hard, but always surprising and spontaneous around the corner. Equally unpredictable is the rhythmic productions and the song structures make a whole. Where there was just introverted reflectiveness with piano accompaniment roars, the next moment, a dissonant, krachiges rhythm thunders through the speakers. Derek Allen, the Counterfeit i 2008 called into existence, it goes in a successful way, the miss with breaks, corners and edges rampant rollercoaster ride you the right vocal seasoning. An exciting, progressive electronic-guitar interaction!”

“To put it simply, Counterfeit i is scary. In “Terra Firma (I),” Allen's moans over the loss of “fields of green” are quickly drowned out by vicious stomping thuds and brutal guitar riffs. This track demonstrates a pattern of ethereal moments of silence disrupted by unpredictable rages that the group repeats throughout the album.”

“Search Party, released back in October of 2010, features Illinois’ one man band Derek’s experimental and dark take on a sound what I can describe as a minimalist Depeche Mode. Counterfeit i guides the listener through thoughtful and philosophical lyrics of being lost, trust and realization through soft lingering vocals combined with haunting piano pieces, electronic melodies and intelligent guitar riffs. ”

“A Glimpse, An Eclipse will be dropping on March 27th, 2012 for those who are interested this looks like should be another solid release from Bit Riot Records if this teaser is any indication of what’s to come.”