The Council / Press

“Last up on stage is the eagerly awaited The Council, who ooze cool and command the stage with the ease of an established band - but that's probably because they know they're on to something good. A smile splits across my face as they launch into their first track, which there aren't enough adjectives to describe. Gritty, meaty, rich and gravelly, the sound is thick and satisfying like a chicken casserole on a cold day.”

“The music is very immediate and instantly likeable, although at the same time quite laidback. 'Rainy Days (Revisited)' has a wonderful groove that'll cause car crashes as drivers may focus on playing air drums on the steering wheel than keeping their eyes on the road. The highlight of this sample E.P is 'Guinevere.' It's a gorgeous tune that seems to be effortlessly performed by this young three-piece. The thing that impresses the most with this E.P is its non-conformity. The length of the songs, the blatant changes in pace and direction, the mood swings all add up to a refreshing musical experience. This isn't pre-packaged tripe, nor is it manufactured for money and greed, it's purely about the music. Because of this fact The Council will never reach the heady heights of 24/7 fame, instead they'll have to put up with respect from their peers and a few turns on 'Later with Jools Holland.' 'Too good to be famous?' possibly.”