Cougar Ace / Press

“I love how a band does something different in every song. It gives us listener something to look forward to for the next song. Plus, a range of emotion is always a good thing for a health band and fan base.”

“If you took a jigger of Americana roots beer, added a dash of country whiskey and blended it with a stiff shot of rock, you would have the sounds of Cougar Ace.”

“GOLDEN SOUND AWARD goes to Cougar Ace for having a sound that has a widespread audience from all ages..most likeable sound to reach all sorts of people.”

"Love the CD by the way- down home rock n roll done perfectly!"

“The nicest rejection we have ever received. "I like the music but you guys are a little loud and a little bit more rock and roll for what we do here. Sorry."”

Cincinnati bar booking agent - to our email

““Throughout the years we’ve become better musicians by writing our own stuff. When you do that you can’t say that’s wrong,” added Caithamer.”

“A little sit down interview with the band”