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“North Carolina is home to one of the best extreme metal guitarist/composers you've probably never heard of. I met Derek Corzine while working on a metal album for a project called Quester, which hopefully will come out one day. Until then, Meshuggah fans must check out what he's up to on his own. The tunes are actually Christian based, but believe me, "Ominous Redemption" and "Satan In Flames" are still musically brutal beyond description.”

“This is Exactly what I want to hear on a metal instrumental with true meaning.”

“I must say, the work on this EP is absolutely fantastic... ...Each song delivers something new, containing very well thought out riffs, beautiful solos, and some fantastic bass lines... ...I urge all guitarists to go buy this, and learn from it!..”

“Metal guitarist extraordinaire. A yet-to-be-discovered talent with a penchant for bone crushing tones and odd time signatures.”

“...The guitar work absolutely slays! I'm not surprised because that is his specialty and I expect it to be top notched work...”

“...pure unadultered shredding...”