Cosmo Frequency / Press

“Best New Age music debut album 2013. This year's best debut album, Soundtracks to Life, was made by Cosmo Frequency. This is the music project to Paul Martinson and Brent Vincent. In our review we wrote: On the first track, Cosmo Frequency sounds a bit like Enigma or Deep Forest, with the ethereal samples, a poem and lush pads. But it doesn't last. From here we get a taste of Jean Michel Jarre, a bit of trance and dance, some 80s analogue synth music and the pop inspired World of Light. It is really a fresh and bold mix; hard to label, but all the more easy to like. The variation in sound is a statement that we can expect great things from Cosmo Frequency in the future. It is exciting to follow artists that don't let genre conventions stop them in making the album of their dreams.”

“Wanting to do something new, this duo goes the mash up route bringing hippie dippy new age in line with Aedmius, some prog rock, some Mannheim Steamroller and some world beat from places you can't quite put your finger's ear on. New age for the nu ager whose au currant ears were primed with other priming agents than roundabout seekers of the past, there's some wild, wonderful stuff going on here that's fun to listen to as you let your ears color outside the lines. Nicely done.”

“To hear these musical sounds of the universe as compiled by COSMO FREQUENCY, take a listen to their debut album (Soundtrack To Life). It contains a dozen mostly-instrumental tunes that includes some soft pieces, many mid-tempo numbers and some up-tempo tunes with dance rhythms (two EDM pieces). So if you only like soft, meditative new age music, PLEASE BE FOREWARNED: while this music falls generally into the new age category, there are two instrumental electronic music numbers with a DANCE BEAT -- “Classic Story (Light Years Away)” and “Mt. Emotion (Part 2).” The slowest tune is “Winter Solstice,” but also fairly soft are “Canyon Chant,” “Eventide” and “World of Light” (the latter with vocal). The album uses the sounds of synthesizers, the Electronic Woodwind Instrument (EWI), Native flute, drums, bass, trumpet, flugelhorn, electric guitars, piano, percussion, background singing, and much more. This is an excellent, but eclectic, new recording.”

“Each piece, I do not want to lower the tone by saying track, because that’s not what has been melded, is carefully created to lead you into differing tempos and rhythms. Movement flows through the collection but just when you think you have got it sorted a change of atmosphere sets you off on another journey. Add a touch of vocals, combine some propulsive percussion with flute and another complete change of directions, somewhat similar to life and how we live it on a daily basis, is born. Beats change constantly, vocals are added when least expected, moods shift, but underlying all this the definitive emotion of moving through space and time remains. This is one for relaxing into or like I have been doing , using it in the background as I have been working, to settle the mind and allow the music to take me where it will. Each time you listen it takes you to another place, another level, another time and you return refreshed and engergised to continue walking into your future.”

“Martinson and Vincent have a terrific ability to unite their talents in composing and recording complex, multi-layered songs. This CD has an experimental feel to it, as thought the musicians worked on a variety of musical ideas. The songs aren’t cohesive, and this isn’t a holistic concept album. Everything is well done and ably performed. Hopefully the team will get together again and create a coherent concept album. Those who plan music for rituals will find some of the tracks useful for initiation rites, awards ceremonies, and entrance/exit processionals. “World of Light” is a great stand-alone vocal number. A few of the tracks are good dance music. This CD offers a variety of moods and flavors for listeners.”

“There are a few spots where the music does not quite reach to the level of the overwhelming majority of the CD, where it needed just a trifle more thought in the process, but those few instances are so minor that I'm not even going to bother citing them, heart and mind at present captivated, ears eager to replay the disc again. Be assured of this much, though, Cosmo Frequency is already a force to be reckoned with and will only mount ever higher in the coming years…as this is just their debut release. Whew!”

“Soundtrack to Life is one of this year's best debut albums. Perhaps Paul and Brent haven't totally found their frequency yet - but that is OK. This is a soundtrack I feel lucky to have in my life. I’m sure you'll like it too. Score: 91/100”

"Paul Martinson is the new "Vangelis". I enjoyed all three tracks. They showed melody and good structure not often found in a genre such as this. Very Cool Stuff!" (D.L. Byron, Zen Archer Records)