Cosmic Suckerpunch / Press

“The descendant of Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Led Zeppelin, which sounds like one hell of a lovechild... Kicking all sorts of ass across the musical cosmos.”

“The independent LA rock band who has set fire to the Hollywood concert circuit...”

"...completely mysterious and trippy..."

“The LA quartet played a kickass, interstellar set ...as their galactic wails and screeching guitar continuously drew the audience in... Suckerpunch gave an incredibly powerful performance”

“For every big name like Arctic Monkeys and Big Boi, there were groups like Cosmic Suckerpunch... Their live presence is the main reason such groups were chosen to appear at this prominent festival.”

“They captured the audience [and] ended the evening with an exclamation point.”

"Long live rock and roll."

Jeffrey Sisk - The Daily News

"The band is essentially the face of modern rock."

"With stage presence and confidence that is typically indicative of seasoned Bonnaroo veterans, these festival first-timers put together a raucous set."